I would like to use the Wuerzburg Beamer Theme for my thesis presentation but i dont know how to install it in Lyx.

Can anyone help me please?

  1. Follow the link wuerzburg on the page you are referring to above
  2. download the three .sty files at the bottom of the post dated 2009-01-21 to the folder where your thesis .lyx file is located
  3. Open your thesis .lyx file and go to < Document | Settings | LaTeX Preamble >
  4. Replace the beamer theme references there with




and you should be done


Changing a theme for presentation in LyX is easy.

  1. Just go to Document > Settings
  2. Select LaTeX preamble and
  3. write \usetheme{ThemeName}, where ThemeName can be changed to the name of the theme like Warsaw etc.

Check out this video. It will show you how to change the Theme in LyX:
Changing Theme for Presentation in LyX

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