I have a problem in Texmaker. I have divided a document into a number of subfiles. I would like to compile the whole document from the current subfile without running the master file. I tried to define the current file as a master file by changing the status of the current subfile to a master file in Options menu. However, I receive errors after running the subfile.

Can you please give me some pieces of advice in this respect?


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Simply make your master file as Master Document. Simply click

Options > Define Current Document as 'Master Document' 

when you are in your master file. Compiling in your subfile should work.

  • How can you make this permanent. I mean, everytime that I open texmaker I don't want to go and click 'Define Current Document as Master Document' I know that one way is to save everything as a session but I don't like to much this. Is there another way? Thanks.
    – desmond13
    Oct 15, 2015 at 9:01

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