I am using 'beamer' for presentations. I have a Main Titles and a few slides under each.

For example,

Introduction has 4 slides Methods have 5 slides.

I want to put kind of a ticker at the top of each slide saying what slide we are at currently. For Introduction it should have 4 small circles (coz 4 slides) below it and the slide number should be a highlighted circle.

How can I go about it? Thanks

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You could choose a beamer theme which supports that. For example Singapore:

\begin{frame} text \end{frame}
\begin{frame} text \end{frame}
\begin{frame} text \end{frame}
\begin{frame} text \end{frame}
\begin{frame} text \end{frame}
\begin{frame} text \end{frame}

Singapore beamer theme

Here's the top of a frame, where subsection three of the introduction is highlighted.



Szeged theme



enter image description here

There are related themes such as Berlin, Ilmenau, Dresden and Frankfurt, with such a navigation.

Also the progressbar theme is interesting, if you wish to show the frame progress.

To visit beamer themes galleries, have a look at Where to find custom beamer themes.

  • I used the same style like Darmstadt (split theme) for my last conference presentations and my colleagues told me at my test run that the mini toc/progress bar on top looks great. It isn't intrusive and gives a nice overview. Commented Feb 26, 2011 at 8:13
  • Is it possible to have the "slide ticker" one per slide, instead of one per subsection?
    – gozzilli
    Commented Nov 18, 2011 at 17:00

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