I'm working on my thesis, and I need my chapter titles to be centered so it says "CHAPTER " and then immediately under it the actual chapter title. Right now I have

\titleformat{\chapter}{\normalfont \center}{CHAPTER \thechapter}{}{}

but I can't figure out how to get the new line to work, as

\titleformat{\chapter}{\normalfont \center}{CHAPTER \thechapter \\}{}{}

fails to compile.


To center, the package offers you \filcenter; the fourth mandatory argument cannot be empty (it requires some length, even 0pt); this argument controls the vertical separation (since display format is used) between the label "Chapter #" and the actual title. No need to explicitly write "CHAPTER"; you can use \MakeUppercase{\chaptertitlename}. Adjust the settings according to your needs:




\chapter{Test Chapter}


enter image description here

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