I would like my footnotes to be separate in the .tex file, but rendered without a space in the resulting file. Can this be done?

Example: This is some text\footnote{with a footnote} renders as

This is some text1


This is some text
\footnote{with a footnote}

renders as

This is some text 1

I would like to avoid that extra space, but write my footnote on a different line.


Insert a % at the end of the line above the \footnote

This is some text% <--- Important
\footnote{with a footnote}

As reference, see What is the use of percent signs (%) at the end of lines? Alternatively, redefine \footnote to perform an \unskip before continuing on with the regular placement of the \footnote:

\renewcommand{\footnote}{\unskip\oldfootnote}% Remove any skips inserted before \footnote


This is some text
\footnote{with a footnote}

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