What is the easiest way to switch from a document with color graphics to one with grayscale graphics?

I have various fig/ directories that contain my color graphics, and I already have corresponding fig-gray/ directories that contain the same graphics in grayscale.

Example directories:



I have includegraphics commands in various included .tex files, e.g. \includegraphics[width=5in]{path1/fig/foo.pdf}.

Now what is the easiest way to tell LaTeX to switch to using the fig-gray/ directories instead? (I'd like to avoid having to preprocess my .tex files with search and replace.)

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Use the \graphicspath macro from the graphics/x package to specify the directories with your images:


Then you can remove them from the \includegraphics macros and only need to change the one line to:


Alternative you could make the -gray part a macro, which avoid adding new paths twice:

%\newcommand*{\gray}{-gray}% Uncomment to switch to gray-scale images

This also works directly with \includegraphics:

  • Thanks! But unfortunately, many files in the different directories have similar names, e.g. path1/fig/illustration.pdf and path2/fig/illustration.pdf. I hope there's a way that doesn't require me to rename them to make globally unique names... – Frank Feb 27 '11 at 0:02
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    @Frank: I see. In this case you should use my second suggestion of using macros as part of the path, but with the actual \includegraphics commands. – Martin Scharrer Feb 27 '11 at 0:07

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