I just noticed today that when I use the eucl package, I get the following message:

`PST-Euclide v1.47, 2013/03/12  (Dominique RODRIGUEZ)
 This version uses the pst-xkey package for managing parameters
 Please read the doc, some macros have a new syntax
 use option old for upward compatibility)
File: pst-eucl.tex 2013/03/12  v1.47 `PST-eucl' (dr)

I'm currently using TeXLive 2013 (I think I updated just two weeks ago). The most recent documentation I have for the eucl package is dated January 9th, 2013. In appendix B of this documentation it is mentioned that changes have been made, but when I compare this documentation with the one I have from TeXLive 2011, I can't find any differences.

Does anyone know where I can go to readily find out what these changes are?


When I run diff on euclide-english-tex versions for 2013 and 2011, I only get very superficial changes: mostly spelling from French to English. Also, when I look at Changes, I don't find anything which mentions what these syntactic changes are. :(


We use pst-xkey since 2005 and the message refers to a version before that date.

  • If this is the case, where can one find the older version interface documentation vs the new one? That's what the OP is after in my opinion. – Werner Jul 1 '13 at 13:28

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