yesterday I tried to remove the all-caps of my ToC, LoF, ... in my documents header and think I encountered a problem/bug. My MWE:

\documentclass[12pt, oneside, a4paper]{book}
\usepackage[paper = a4paper, margin = 1in, headheight = 14.5pt, includehead]{geometry}
 \fancyhead[L]{\itshape \leftmark}


As you can see I'm using tocbibind to include my LoF and LoT in the ToC. My problem is, if I use \renewcommand{\tocetcmark}[1]{\markboth{#1}{}} it only displays my LoF and LoT normalsized in my header. But the documentation for tocbibind says that this command is for ToC, LoF, ... . Why is my ToC still all-caps? Is it some kind of bug or am I overlooking something?

In one of my previous questions (Customize \chaptermark for \mainmatter) Heiko Oberdiek already gave me a solution for the ToC problem in advance:


It works really fine, but why doesn't the first method does it job properly? Or is there even a smarter way to remove all the all-caps at once?

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The package tocbibind only overwrites default definitions of listof<...> which you have specified. You passed the option nototoc and so there is no redefinition of the default \tableofcontents. So you have to use the provided patch of Heiko.

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