I'm following the tutorial/MWE provided at this link : http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/filesystem-tree/

I would like to have to nodes at the same line, for example :


So far I only found the way having the [properties] on below [undermain], but not at the same line.

Thank you in advance for your help.


The easiest to do this is to add the property nodes later to a named node.

The solution consists of the keys

  • property direction,
  • properties,

and the styles

  • every property and
  • every property edge.

After the tree has been built, the properties are used via late options.


  property direction/.initial=mid right,
    append after command={
      \foreach \pgf@temp[count=\qrr@tikz@fig@prop from 0] in {#1} {
        node [
          every property/.try,
          \pgfkeysvalueof{/tikz/property direction}=of \qrr@tikzlastnode\qrr@tikz@fig@suffix,
          name=\qrr@tikzlastnode-\qrr@tikz@fig@prop] {\pgf@temp}
        edge[every property edge/.try] (\qrr@tikzlastnode\qrr@tikz@fig@suffix)
  every property/.style={
    node distance=.25cm,
  every property edge/.style={densely dotted,-}
  every node/.append style={draw=black,thick,anchor=west,text height=\heightof{A}, text depth=+0pt},
  grow via three points={one child at (0.5,-0.7) and two children at (0.5,-0.7) and (0.5,-1.4)},
  edge from parent path={(\tikzparentnode.south) |- (\tikzchildnode.west)}
  \node (texmf) {texmf}
    child { node (doc) {doc} }
    child { node {fonts} }
    child { node {source}}
    child { node [selected] {tex}
      child { node {generic}}
      child { node [optional] {latex}}
      child { node {plain}}
    child [missing] {}
    child [missing] {}
    child [missing] {}
    child {node {texdoc}};

    \path [late options={name=doc,properties={a,b,c}}];

    \path [late options={name=texmf-1,properties={d,e,f}}];


enter image description here

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