I am writing a system to export reports in various formats from PHP.

When it comes to LaTeX it seems to require \begin{tabular}{mandatory column arguments}

Since the number of columns in the datasets vary, with my current method I can't export in LaTeX without adding quite a bit of extra code to deal with LaTeX. I am trying to keep it simple and have a defined export format for each type (PDF/pdflatex, XLS, CSV, etc.).

Is there a way to tell LaTeX to set all columns as one alignment?

Something which would take the place of help! in the following line of code:


Ideally I want the first column to be left aligned, and all the other columns to be center aligned. However I could settle for all left or all center.

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  • Thanks for the migration and answers. I think I'll go with the l*{50}{c} solution for prototyping until I develop something a little more advanced :) – Anon343224user Jul 3 '13 at 8:50

If you know the number of columns, you could easily tell tabular to repeat them, say

\begin{tabular}{l*{<number of columns - 1>}{c}}

e.g. for 12 columns


which is the same as

\begin{tabular}{l ccc ccc ccc cc}% spaces don’t matter

As egreg comments, it doesn’t hurt if you define more columns than are actually used, e.g.


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