First of all I have to say I’m Spanish, so I’m sorry for any mistakes in my English. Also, I’m very new at LaTeX.

I'm using the songs package to create a songs book. I've been able to typeset songs with chords but I cant find the way to generate a “Title Index” or an “Author Index” at the beginning of the book.

I have these lines at the beginning:


I use these lines to show my indexes:

\showindex[2]{Índex de títols}{titleidx}


\showindex[2]{Índex de d'autors}{authidx}

And my songs are written between:


... songs ...


I checked the Songs package documentation and it seems that I need to use a program named “songsidx”. Where do I find it and how exactly do I use it to generate my indexes?

Thank you!


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The songidx program was written in order to sort scripture references.

Windows Windows

If you use Windows, there's a self-installing executable named songs-<version.number>-setup.exe available for download which contains a binary songidx.exe ready for you to use. The current version of songs is 2.15, so you can download songs-2.15-setup.exe available in the project homepage (link is provided).

Unix Unix

For Unix, we have some work to do beforehand. Let's build the program from source, so we need to obtain a file named songs-<version.number>.tar.gz and unpack it. The current version of songs is 2.15, so you can download songs-2.15.tar.gz available in the project homepage (link is provided).

In terminal, go to the same directory you have downloaded songs-2.15.tar.gz and run:

$ tar xvzf songs-2.15.tar.gz

A directory named songs-2.15 will be created in the current directory. Let's enter in this directory with the command

$ cd songs-2.15

Now, we have to configure our build process. Run

$ ./configure

and wait a couple of seconds. After it ends, it's actually time to build everything! Go with

$ make

and go have some ice cream while everything is built. :) When finished, our songidx program is now build inside src/songidx/.

Copy songidx to your current project directory (if you want to specify which version of the bible you wish to use as a basis for sorting your scripture index, copy the corresponding .can file as well). Now let's take a look at the usage.

Usage Usage

Now let's see a real example. I wrote this humble .tex file based on your initial setup:






\showindex[2]{Índex de títols}{titleidx}
\showindex[2]{Índex de d'autors}{authidx}


\beginsong{Mi alma glorifica al Señor, mi Dios}[by={Tradicional}]

Mi \[E]alma glorifica al Señor, mi \[B7]Dios,
\[C#m]gózase mi espíritu en mi Salva\[G#m]dor.
\[A]El es mi ale\[B7]gría, \[E]es mi pleni\[C#m]tud,
\[A6]El es todo \[B7]para \[E]mí.

\[G#] Ha mi\[C#m]rado la ba\[G#]jeza de su es\[C#m]clava,
muy di\[B7]chosa me dirán todos los \[E]pueblos
porque en \[C#7]mí ha hecho grandes mara\[F#m]villas
El que \[C#m]todo puede, \[G#]cuyo Nombre es \[C#m]Santo. \[B7]




Let's call this file cancionero.tex. First of all, let's run our favourite engine on this file:

$ pdflatex cancionero.tex

Based on our setup, two files will be generated, titleidx.sxd and authidx.sxd. Now it's time to use songidx on them:

$ ./songidx titleidx.sxd titleidx.sbx


$ ./songidx authidx.sxd authidx.sbx

Then, let's run our engine again to organize everything:

$ pdflatex cancionero.tex

The output follows. First of all, we have \showindex[2]{Índex de títols}{titleidx}, our index of titles:


Then, our index of authors, thanks to \showindex[2]{Índex de d'autors}{authidx}:


And at last but not least, our song:


Hope it helps. :)

  • Hello @Paul Cereda, do you have any idea how this works in a mac? Aug 22, 2013 at 18:52
  • 1
    @Mercy: Hi! :) The build instructions for Unix should work in a Mac as well, provided that you have gcc installed (via Xcode or homebrew). Then the usage of songidx is the same. The author only provides Windows binaries; for Mac or Linux, we need to compile the tool from source. Aug 28, 2013 at 14:02
  • A couple of notes. on OS X as of this writing in the preamble we need to add \newcommand{\songlink}[2]{\hyperlink{#1}{#2}} . Also when using xelatex, the authidx.sbx file doesn't get generated, but running ./songidx with just the authidx.sxd seems to work.
    – MikeiLL
    Oct 30, 2016 at 3:47

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