I'm trying to include in a bibliography with biblatex the location field in an inproceedings entry. A minimal working example is the following



location = {Venice, Italy},
author = {Doe, J and Mouse, M},  
booktitle = {Proceedings of my conference},
pages = {133--158},
title = {A possible title},
year = {2001}



Unfortunately I'm not able to make the location entry to appear in the bibliography. Any clue?


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The location field is of the literal list data type. Since all formatting directives are specific to the data type, replace \printfield{location} with \printlist{location}.

A list of fields with their data type in the default data model can be found in the Database Guide of the biblatex manual.


Try this:

address  = {Venice, Italy}
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  • This is definitely not the problem in the code shown in the question. With biblatex the field address is a legacy alias for location and internally only location is used. The code example already uses location everywhere. But it is true that with most (if not all) BibTeX styles, you need to use address as location is not a supported field.
    – moewe
    Dec 15, 2021 at 16:55

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