I'm trying to cite a chapter from a book using biblatex:

@inbook{ , 

This produces a citation in this layout:

    Authors. Title. [...] In: Title. Authors. [...]

I need to swap the Title and Authors in the "In:" reference, i.e. to get

    Authors. Title. [...] In: Authors. Title. [...]

Any idea? Thanks.

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The solution depends on the bibliography style you're using. If it is based on the standard style standard.bbx, the relevant part of the @inbook driver is:


For @incollection and @inproceedings:




The bibliography macros bybookauthor and byeditor+others are defined in biblatex.def.

To change the order of the title and name list after in:, you could redefine each of these drivers and use variants of bybookauthor and byeditor+others to suppress the "by" strings.

Alternatively you can redefine the in: macro to print and clear the name list. This approach has been previously applied for the byeditor case. Here's an example addressing the name list printed by either byeditor+others or bybookauthor.



  crossref = {book},
  author = {Smith, John},
  title = {Inbook Title}}
  author = {Doe, John and Brown, Bob},
  title = {Book Title}}
  crossref = {collection},
  author = {Smith, John},
  title = {Incollection Title}}
  editor = {Doe, John and Brown, Bob},
  translator = {Smith, Jane},
  title = {Collection Title}}


enter image description here

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    As similar questions are asked rather frequently, please consider to incoroarate your answer code into a new package option (e.g. editorbeforetitle, default false) that solves this for all standard styles.
    – lockstep
    Jul 3, 2013 at 16:01
  • @lockstep I am not sure about that as there are many package options already. Regarding this "in title" business I'd sooner omit in: from the @article driver. But please feel free to submit feature requests at github. It'd be good to get your feedback on style improvements.
    – Audrey
    Jul 6, 2013 at 2:31

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