Since the enumiten Package (and therefore leftmargin=*) doesnt work in custom environments, I was trying to trick a bit, doing the items in a table like this (don't ask..) :

  \documentclass[fleqn,10pt,twocolumn]{article} % Document font size and equations 

       \tabularx{\linewidth}{>{\raggedright\arraybackslash}p{0.3cm}X@{}}    }

      \newcommand{\parameter}[2] %Name, Description
  {\localtextbulletone & #1: #2\\}

  \parameter{Test}{This is a long text to illustrate the alignment of the item... 
  blablabla long text long text long text long text long text long text long text long 
  text long text long text}


I needed to set the tabularxcolumn to 'm' instead of 'p' for other tables in my document. In this case I would like to set it back to p, but only in this particular environment so the bullets are top aligned and not centered.

If I try to just do the analoge \renewcommand\tabularxcolumn[1]{p{#1}}inside the environment, latex is not happy. How can I reset the tabularxcolumn just for this environment?

Many Thanks in advance

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Just put the \renewcommand line immediately before the \tabularx it will be scoped by the surrounding parameters element.

       \tabularx{\linewidth}{>{\raggedright\arraybackslash}p{0.3cm}X@{}}    }

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