Is there a simple way to make citations created by \cite{ref1} invisible in the final manuscript (so that you can produce one version with the citations and a separate one without them)?

  • When reading your title, I would suggest use \nocite{ref1}? This makes the entries appear in the bibliography only but not in the text. I suppose this was nevertheless not what you were aiming for. Otherwise I would have replaced \renewcommand{\cite}[1]{\nocite{#1} – strpeter Sep 12 '18 at 12:26

You can put


in your preamble which will do what you ask but would make

blah blah \cite{ref1}.


blah blah .

So perhaps


Which will remove that case.

But if you have

blah blah blah see page 4 of \cite{ref}.

Then the problem is harder and you need to add extra markup such as

  blah blah blah\citetext{ see page 4 of \cite{ref}}.

where you have





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