I am using floatrow and have a global setup with \floatsetup. However I have one subfloatrow in my document which requires different settings. How do I locally adjust the \floatsetup/options for one float?

  • You can use \floatsetup inside the floating object itself. The floating object a group and so the setting are local too. – Marco Daniel Jul 5 '13 at 12:11
  • @MarcoDaniel: Car to make this an awnser so i can accept this, or should I just delete the question? – ted Jul 5 '13 at 12:18

The command \floatsetup allows the user to specify some options. This specification is always local.

If you do the setup in your preamble the setup is done for the whole document.

To change the setup for a single subfloat you can use \floatsetup inside a group. The floating objects are always a group so you can change \floatsetup inside the object without any effects to other objects.



\floatsetup{...}% all these settings are local to this floating object

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If the above answer doesn't work (it didn't work for me), try placing \floatsetup{} outside the environment, but enclosed in a group. Example:


{ % or \begingroup

\caption{A caption}
\begin{tabular}{l l}
A & B \\
C & D \\
} % or \endgroup
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