Does anyone have suggestions for a document template that doesn't look terrible but is the most economical with regard to space used up for headings, sections, titles, and so forth? The AMS article template is quite good, but I'd like to know if there's one out there that's even better.

(More to the point: if I have a strict page/margin/font/spacing limit for something, what package/template is the best for maximizing the amount of content I can still include, while not looking completely ridiculous?)


The titlesec package allows you to manipulate some of these parameters. For example, the following MWE makes the size of titles and section headings much smaller by using tiny (other options are big, which is the default value, medium, and small). compact reduces the spacing between section headings.





\section{Example Example}

\section{Example Example Example}


enter image description here

You can see the titlesec documentation for more on what you can do with the package.

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