I would like to compare the shape of a particular symbol in many different fonts. Let us assume for the sake of simplicity that the symbol is non-composite, that is it is a glyph straight from a particular font. Let us also assume some default font size (say 10pt, but it doesn't really matter).

Say I would like to compare all paragraph signs (\P) across a number of fonts that are installed by default for (La)TeX. (I would like to find all fonts with a hollow paragraph symbol. With \usepackage{tgschola,textcomp} I get a hollow one; the default symbol is a glyph with a filled bowl.)

What are some techniques, tricks, and caveats for exploring a symbol across fonts?

I am aware of different font formats, so this question is complex and a bit open-ended. I am also assuming that any answers will need to make simplifying assumptions.

A similar question has in fact been asked: Comparing many maths fonts


You have to know the font family name; here's an example.


 { % #1 = list of families
   % #2 = glyph to test
  \clist_map_inline:nn { #1 }
    \fontfamily{##1}\selectfont#2\ %
    \fontshape{it}\selectfont#2\ %
    \fontshape{n}\fontseries{bx}\selectfont#2\ %


enter image description here

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