I like the ability to press e when running pdflatex in errorstopmode to jump directly to the line where the error occurs in my favourite editor.

This works fine for pdflatex and xelatex as long as the variable TEXEDIT (which seems to be responsible of this behaviour) is set to the right editor.

I've set (my editor is WinEdt)

TEXEDIT=WinEdt.exe "[Open(|%s|);SelPar(%d,7);]"

in a PC with TeX Live 2013 installed.

Anyway, I can't get it working with lualatex. I mean, when I have an error in the line 21 in a file called test.tex, the console output of lualatex is:

You want to edit file ./test.tex at line 21

but it doesn't jump at all to the line with the error.

So, the question is: do I have to set a different environment variable for lualatex or is there something that I'm missing?


I see the same here (TeX Live 2013, Win 7): pdfLaTeX and XeLaTeX open an editor (I used Notepad as this is always available on Windows), but LuaLaTeX just gives the message. I see the same odd behaviour with a MiKTeX install (which opens TeXworks as standard for pdfLaTeX/XeLaTeX but fails to for LuaLaTeX). I also see the problem on my Mac TeX Live 2013 set up.

I raised this on the LuaTeX list, and Taco Hoekwater (LuaTeX developer) said

That is deliberate.

So I guess you just have to accept this is 'by design'.

  • So it is a bug... I spent hours for finding a solution... Thanks. – Sterry Aug 24 '13 at 15:12
  • 2
    I submitted a bug ticket a few years ago (2011-06-01...) tracker.luatex.org/view.php?id=670. But Taco didn't do anything about it yet. – karlkoeller Aug 24 '13 at 21:26

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