I would like to understand the following behaviour of enumerate in beamer. The following example



My list

\item\marca One
\item Two


shows a list. I would like that first overlay shows the numbered list, and the second overlay shows the clubsuit on first item. However, first number does not appear.

If I change my command \marca in the following way


then I get what I want. But I don't understand why. Any explanation?

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Your macro \uncover the \makebox{} stuff on slide 2, therefore is "covered" on slide 1, but is just there, hiding the number of the item.

If you change \onslide by \uncover or \visibleyou obtain a similar effect. But if you change \onslide by \only, then \makebox will be only on slide 2, and the problem disappear:


Alternatively, you can use \onslide* instead of \only to obtain the same result (run texdoc beamer, see page 80).


When I tried the following, the first number in the list appeared:


Added \mbox{} just before \onslide command.

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