I am writing a document with loads of references using bibtex. However, I want to change the style of how latex layouts the references in the document. Currently it looks like:

[1] Reference 1
[2] Reference 2

What I want to achieve are the following adjustments:

  • Remove brackets [ ] from the reference numbering
  • Enlarge distance between all references
  • Add additional space between the reference number and the reference itself.

The result should look like:

1    Reference 1

2    Reference 2

I am new to LaTeX and when I googled for enlarging the space between the references I found solutions for biblatex rather than bibtex. Thus, I tried to get biblatex running and even though it looks not too difficult I never succeeded. Therefore, I was wondering whether one can achieve my wanted adjustments using bibtex or is t preferable to use biblatex? Furthermore, I want to change the style of how the references are printed. I haven't yet tried all of the available styles for bibtex but biblatex seem to have many more features for that. However, it looks pretty difficult to adjust everything by hand.

  • You need to give us a bit more information. The changes you request are not very difficult to do without using biblatex (although biblatex should just work if you have an up-to-date TeX distribution, but that's a separate issue.) Can you edit your question to show a minimal document that produces the output you don't like.
    – Alan Munn
    Jul 9 '13 at 17:41

Here is a way to go, add the two blocks of code in your preamble:

\renewcommand\@biblabel[1]{#1 \hspace{0.3cm}}

This will remove the [ ] around the reference number and add some space before the name of the author. (You can customize this space)


This allows you to change the spacing between two entries in your references list. To increase or reduce the space change the 1\baselineskip. Note that the gap with 1\baselineskip is already bigger than without these lines.

Output of the reference list

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