The page number is in the footer not in the header, I used the answer of @cmhughes in this link and it was good but as it is well known that the ToC may last for 4 or 5 pages not only one, that is, the first page numbering is still in the footer while the other pages were corrected. I need to make the page number of the first page of the ToC to be in the right side of the header. I used this code in the class:

%%%%%%%%%%% Table of Contents started here %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{TABLE OF CONTENTS}


%%%%%%%%%%% Table of Contents ended here %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

and in the main file of my thesis I used this code:

\tableofcontents  % Write out the Table of Contents
  • How can I thank you @Werner :) , thank you very much, it is working very good, thanks
    – Montadar
    Commented Jul 9, 2013 at 16:43

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By default, \chapters set their first pages in the plain page style using \thispagestyle{plain}. A crude yet feasible solution would be to include

\let\ps@plain\ps@fancy% Plain page style = Fancy page style

as part of your redefinition of \tableofcontents. This overwrites the plain page style (stored in \ps@plain) with that of fancy (stored in \ps@fancy). Placing it inside a group will localize the change.

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