It seems that transmission gratings have not been implemented yet in the pst-optexp. Does anyone know whether there exists a workaround?

  • write to the PSTricks mailing list and you'll get an answer of the package author. – user2478 Jul 11 '13 at 19:52

Version 4.4 of the pst-optexp package includes a \transmissiongrating:

\documentclass[pstricks, margin=5pt]{standalone}
  \transmissiongrating[reverse, gratingcount=9](A)(B)(C){TG}
  \addtopsstyle{Beam}{ArrowInside=->, ArrowInsidePos=0.8, arrowinset=0, arrowscale=1.5}
  \addtopsstyle{Beam}{loadbeam, savebeam=false}
  \drawbeam[linecolor=red, beamangle=5]{1-2}
  \drawbeam[linecolor=blue, beamangle=-5]{1-2}

enter image description here

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