Can we use the exam document class and all its packages in another language?

For example, how can we have the info about the exam translated in another languge?


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You can use exam with other languages, but you need to translate by yourself.

Its documentation contains all commands which you need to redefine the labels. In the following (bad) example, some of these commands are used/listed:


\runningheader{LeftM}{Middle, Page \thepage\ of \numpages}{RightM}
\qformat{\textbf{Question \thequestion}\quad (\totalpoints)\hfill}

\renewcommand{\solutiontitle}{\noindent\textbf{The solution:}\enspace}

        The question 1.
        This is the answer to question 1.

                \part[5] The question 2a.
                \part[5] The question 2b.
                \bonuspart[1] The question 2c.


% \chqword{Question:}
% \chpgword{Page:}
% \chpword{Points:}
% \chbpword{Bonus Points:}
% \chsword{Score:}
 \chtword{Total Points}
% \cvpgword{Page}
 \cvbpword{Bonus Exam-Points}
% \cvsword{Score}
% \cvtword{Total:


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