I'm using the "Warsaw theme" in my beamer slides, so how could I

  1. Disable color gradient between block title and block body;
  2. Disable the block's shade;
  3. I don't want to use the "Berkeley theme" which has no a block with "Rounded Corner Rectangle".


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Warsaw internally uses beamerboxesrounded which applies the bmb@transition shading to add color between the title and the body parts of blocks. Here's the original definition (found in the file beamerbaseboxes.sty):

  color(0pt)=(lower.bg); color(2pt)=(lower.bg); color(4pt)=(upper.bg)}

Change that definition to suppress the transition effect.

To suppress the shading, redefine the blocks template using


The complete code:


  color(0pt)=(upper.bg); color(2pt)=(upper.bg); color(4pt)=(upper.bg)}

\begin{frame}{A frame}
\begin{block}{A block}
    Some text

enter image description here

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