This is very similar to a lot of other questions but I haven't found one that EXACTLY replicates the problem I'm having. I have the following:

  &\text{minimize} &R_k + \sum_jr_{jk}^+ + r_{jk}^- &\\
  &\text{subject to} &R_k + r_{jk}^+ \geq \hat{\gamma_{jk}}X_jk, &\forall j ,k\\
  & &R_k + r_{jk}^- \geq -\hat{\gamma_{jk}}X_jk, &\forall j,k \\
  & &R_k, r_{jk}^+, r_{jk}^- \geq 0 &\forall j,k

Ultimately I want my output to have the text line up in the "first column", the R_k values to line up in the second column, and all the forall statements to line up in the third. Note that none of the lines have all three items (i.e. the last two should have some leading white space).

Right now my output has the text and the forall's lining up but the R_k terms are scattered. Any help is appreciated

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In the align and align* environments, columns are alternately justified right, left, right, left, etc. If you want two adjacent columns to both be aligned left (or right), use && rather than & to separate them. This might be closer to what you're looking for:

 & \text{minimize}   && R_k + \sum_jr_{jk}^+ + r_{jk}^-             &&             \\
 & \text{subject to} && R_k + r_{jk}^+ \geq  \hat{\gamma_{jk}}X_jk, && \forall j,k \\
 &                   && R_k + r_{jk}^- \geq -\hat{\gamma_{jk}}X_jk, && \forall j,k \\
 &                   && R_k,  r_{jk}^+, r_{jk}^- \geq 0             && \forall j,k

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