I'm using biblatex + biber to print the bibliography. I want the eprinttype (PMID in my case) to be printed in small caps just like URL, DOI etc. Here's what I've tryed so far which did not change anything.




(both with {eprint} and {eprinttype})

Am I using the wrong field name? Is there any list of abbreviations that PMID can be added to?

Thanks for your help!


The eprinttype field is a "verbatim" field and its contents can only be one of the biblatex predefined.

If you want to change such a field, only "PMID" in your case, the best thing to do is to change its original definition as it's written in the file biblatex.def.

Thus, in your .tex file, write the lines:


so that, when in your .bib file you write

eprinttype = {pubmed},

you'll get "PMID" in small caps.


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