Is there a way to ensure that figures (or other floats) are always displayed on an odd page?

I'm using memoir for writing my thesis, which can be set to automatically place e.g. chapter beginnings on odd pages, such that they always appear to the right if a document is printed two-sided.

I currently have some rather large floats of figures, which I would like to, in the same way, always display on odd pages. memoir has the built-in command \movetooddpage, but this just inserts white space till the next odd page.

So back to my question is there a way to do this, but without inserting the white space and just ensure, that the figures are shown on odd pages? It's less important whether the figures are pushed forward a page or two.

EDIT: I should mention, that I don't want it to apply for my whole thesis, but only for certain sections.

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    The answer to this question probably solves the problem. – Thorsten Donig Jul 16 '13 at 14:37
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    I saw that question, but it seems to only set the condition globally. I only want this condition to apply in certain sections and not throughout my whole thesis. It probably wasn't very clear in my original question. – Rasmus Søgaard Christensen Jul 17 '13 at 7:36

The method used in Figures in odd pages, text in even pages; if no figures, then odd=even pages (i.e., no blank pages w/ numbering and headers...) can be done in a localised sense should be extendible to your case, for example by defining:

    \global\@toproom \topfraction\@colht
    \global\@botnum  \c@bottomnumber
    \global\@botroom \bottomfraction\@colht
    \global\@colnum  \ifodd\c@page\c@totalnumber\else\z@\fi%<<<<<<<
    \@fpmin   \floatpagefraction\@colht}%

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