I downloaded the Legrand Orange Book template from http://www.latextemplates.com/template/the-legrand-orange-book , but I can't figure out how to actually install/use it. When I downloaded memoir, it had an installer that automatically put the files where they need to go, so all I needed to do was \documentclass{memoir}

For the Legrand template, I've created a personal directory structure texmf, but putting in the two .tex files from the Legrand template doesn't seem to do anything. How do I use the template? I use Scrivener to write my document (it has MMD3), so memoir works very well. I just want to use the Legrand Orange Book.

I'm running TeXShop installed as part of MacTex distribution.


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  • Your personal texmf tree must mimic the actual TDS. That means, for LaTeX related material, you should put the files in ~/texmf/tex/latex/legrand (though of course the legrand sub-dir is not strictly necessary). Search for questions on 'personal texmf' on this site for further details; Macs have a slightly different base structure involving a Library folder.
    – jon
    Jul 17 '13 at 13:17

It is a template, not a class so you do not have to install anything. Just open the file main.tex and modify the content (between \begin{document} and \end{document}) as you want. Follow the comment instructions of the author of the template.

In the structure.tex there are the main settings of the template. If you want you can try to look at it and modify something but at beginning simply leave it as it is.


Simply put a copy of the to .tex files in the working directory of your current project. And keep the original version elsewhere (e.g. in your personal texmf) for the future.

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