Can someone help me to create like this header with LaTeX?

enter image description here

here is My code :

\documentclass[a4paper,11pt] {report} %document A4 type rapport

\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % les caractère spéciaux

\usepackage[french]{babel}  %traduire les mots anglais en français.

\usepackage{graphicx} %Package pour les images.

\usepackage{geometry} % la margine de la page

\usepackage{fancyheadings}% l'entête et le pied de page

% paramètre de l'entête du page et pied du page

\lhead{\includegraphics[width=60mm, height=20mm]{latex.jpg}}
\rhead{My adress My adress \\My adress My adress \\My adress My adress \\}




\usepackage{setspace} %espace entre paragraphe

\usepackage{enumitem} %package de liste

\usepackage{xcolor} %package de liste




\geometry{top=2cm, bottom=2cm,left=2.5cm, right=2.5cm}


Text text

The result :

enter image description here

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    What have you tried so far? For the letter itself you could use the »scrlttr2« class from KOMA-Script. It allows to create letterheads very easy. – Thorsten Donig Jul 17 '13 at 14:32
  • @ThorstenDonig I edit my question :) – dardar.moh Jul 17 '13 at 14:51
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    Please have a look to KOMA-Script documentation, chapter 4 and 17. The shown examples can be downloaded from the KOMA-Script homepage. – Mensch Jul 17 '13 at 15:31

A convenient and package independant way to cutomisze the heder is :


yo put in your preamble


 \parbox[20mm]{60mm}{\includegraphics[width=60mm, height=20mm]{latex.jpg}}\hfill%
 \parbox[20mm]{5cm}{My adress My adress \\My adress My adress \\My adress My adress}%

in place of your \lhead and co gives this, which looks not to bad : enter image description here and you can tune up this results by adjusting the inner-pos parameter of the \parboxs, depending on the aligment that j=you prefer for "my Adress" text.

If the result is too narrow due to the left and right margin, you can surround the content of the header by ab old-fashioned :

\hss\hbox to 19cm{ <yoyr herder content> }\hss

where 19cm is the desired width : enter image description here

This examples are done with all your packages, with the article class but works also with letter whith a slight change in your geometry parameters.

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