I read your comment on the TeXPortal-site (How to install TeX on Android phones?). I would also like to have TeX on my Android tablet, and thus would like to know what exactly you did that it worked.

I downloaded TeXLive on a Linux device, copied it to /sdcard/texlive (I have a folder on my device now that is named TeXLive on my sdcard. it contains the folders texmf-dist, -var, -local, tlpkg etc.) on my tablet (without the docs but with the source), installed TeXPortal, and it still gives me a missing texmf.cnf. Even though I changed the TEXMFROOT to /sdcard/texlive, and tried changing it in texmf-dist/web2c/texmf.cnf also to that value, and even tried changing the directory, which was given in TeXPortal-Settings (storage/.../data/lah.texportal/files) as the TEXMF Root to sdcard/texive - nothing did help.

It says that kpathsea is missing, installs it, and then comes the missing texmf.cnf.

Is it necessary to have the device rooted? As far as I understood, this was not necessary.

Thanks for some advice ;) Best regards J

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    OK, I kind of solved it. I installed the apk from this website: code.google.com/p/texlive-for-android. this installs a terminal, in settings i installed texlive (maybe that was not necessary, but it confirmed it). I set the TEXMFROOT in sdcard/texlive/texmf.cnf to sdcard/texlive, and reinstalled texportal. After that, I compiled a document, it started installing missing packages, and finally I got a PDF :) – Caranhyas Jul 17 '13 at 18:24
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