I'm trying to type set something like this "4 x 5 x 6 mm^2". the following command using siunitx package does not generate what I wanted.

\SI{4 x 5 x 6}{mm^3}

Instead, it produces “4 mm^3 x 5 mm^3 x 6 mm^3". How do we correct this?



You are looking for the product-units option. It accepts one of five options. Their result is shown in the code sample.


    \texttt{repeat} (default) & \SI[product-units=repeat]        {4 x 5 x 6}{mm}   \\
    \texttt{single}           & \SI[product-units=single]        {4 x 5 x 6}{mm^3} \\
    \texttt{power}            & \SI[product-units=power]         {4 x 5 x 6}{mm}   \\
    \texttt{brackets}         & \SI[product-units=brackets]      {4 x 5 x 6}{mm^3} \\
    \texttt{brackets-power}   & \SI[product-units=brackets-power]{4 x 5 x 6}{mm}


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