I'm a noob with LaTeX.

Trying to get my import package to work, I came across a dependency on the ExplFileVersion macro. Googling this issue, I realized I need to update my l3kernel package.

The trouble is, l3kernel package doesn't exist on my system where the other TeX packages do (seemingly /usr/share/texmf-texlive). I did however find the following package: /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/expl3. To my understanding this is the older version, which has to be replaced with l3kernel.

I'm an Ubuntu 10.4 user, and I installed using apt-get the following packages: texlive, texlive-full, texlive-latex-recommended (which supposedly contains l3kernel) and texlive-latex3.

I tried to download l3kernel and manually compile it with LaTeX, but it won't compile. If however somebody here thinks this is the correct way to go, I'll post the errors.

Does anyone know what's to be done next?


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The Ubuntu packages lag a long way behind the current TeX Live releases: the exact lag does vary, but it's always there. You will need to do a 'local' installation of l3kernel and l3packages. Both are available in 'ready-to-install' TDS-style zip files, so you just need to download them and unzip in the appropriate place.

There are two options to this: if you are the only user of your Ubuntu system, the easiest is to place them in your personal tree, ~/texmf. That doesn't need anything other than running the unzip. The alternative is to install them in the 'system-wide' local tree, /usr/local/share/texmf. For that, you'll need write privileges (sudo or similar), and will also need to run sudo texhash after unzipping to update your file database.

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