I have some Lua code which searches for "①" and "②" within some text and prints only the text displayed between:

    userdata = userdata or {}

    function userdata.printbetween(str, m1, m2)
        m1 = m1 or "①"
        m2 = m2 or "②"
        mat_pat = string.format('%s(.*)%s', m1, m2)
        str = string.match(str, mat_pat) or str

\define\sentence{This is ① a final ② test sentence.}


        \item \textbetween{This is ① a test ② sentence.}
        \item \textbetween{This is ① another test ② sentence.}
        \item \textbetween{\sentence}

This should print:

1. a test
2. another test
3. a final

Instead, this is printing:

1. a test
2. another test
3. This is ① a final ② test sentence.

When I give Lua a variable, such as \sentence, it appears to process "\sentence" and not the data contained inside \sentence.

How can I let Lua examine the contents inside the variable rather than just examining the variable's name?

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    \define makes the definition unexpandable. Try \def\sentence{....} instead
    – Aditya
    Jul 21 '13 at 0:21

\define makes the definition unexpandable. Instead use


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