I have generated a tikz .tex file from gnuplot and I am attempting to simply \include{mytikzfile} in my main .tex file, which uses the revtex4-1 document class. Upon compiling I get a number of errors involving color including

! Package xcolor Error: Undefined color `color=gp lt color border'.
! Package xcolor Error: Undefined color `color=gp lt color 0'.

and a few others that are all xcolor errors. The picture shows up but it is all black. I am able to have other tikz pictures with color and they are produced fine. Picture on top is what I would like to see (I generated this with gnuplot's set term epslatex standalone color option). Picture on bottom is what I'm getting by including the .tex file generated from gnuplot when I use the set term tikz option.

Desired output

Output given

Here is a simpler .tex file generated from gnuplot which is also supposed to contain color but does not (same xcolor error).

%% generated with GNUPLOT 4.6p3 (Lua 5.2; terminal rev. 99, script rev. 100)
%% Sat Jul 20 19:15:08 2013
\path (0.000,0.000) rectangle (12.500,8.750);
\gpcolor{color=gp lt color border}
\gpsetlinetype{gp lt border}
\draw[gp path] (1.012,0.616)--(1.192,0.616);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,0.616)--(11.767,0.616);
\node[gp node right] at (0.828,0.616) { 0};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,2.169)--(1.192,2.169);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,2.169)--(11.767,2.169);
\node[gp node right] at (0.828,2.169) { 5};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,3.722)--(1.192,3.722);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,3.722)--(11.767,3.722);
\node[gp node right] at (0.828,3.722) { 10};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,5.275)--(1.192,5.275);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,5.275)--(11.767,5.275);
\node[gp node right] at (0.828,5.275) { 15};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,6.828)--(1.192,6.828);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,6.828)--(11.767,6.828);
\node[gp node right] at (0.828,6.828) { 20};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,8.381)--(1.192,8.381);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,8.381)--(11.767,8.381);
\node[gp node right] at (0.828,8.381) { 25};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,0.616)--(1.012,0.796);
\draw[gp path] (1.012,8.381)--(1.012,8.201);
\node[gp node center] at (1.012,0.308) { 0};
\draw[gp path] (3.199,0.616)--(3.199,0.796);
\draw[gp path] (3.199,8.381)--(3.199,8.201);
\node[gp node center] at (3.199,0.308) { 1};
\draw[gp path] (5.386,0.616)--(5.386,0.796);
\draw[gp path] (5.386,8.381)--(5.386,8.201);
\node[gp node center] at (5.386,0.308) { 2};
\draw[gp path] (7.573,0.616)--(7.573,0.796);
\draw[gp path] (7.573,8.381)--(7.573,8.201);
\node[gp node center] at (7.573,0.308) { 3};
\draw[gp path] (9.760,0.616)--(9.760,0.796);
\draw[gp path] (9.760,8.381)--(9.760,8.201);
\node[gp node center] at (9.760,0.308) { 4};
\draw[gp path] (11.947,0.616)--(11.947,0.796);
\draw[gp path] (11.947,8.381)--(11.947,8.201);
\node[gp node center] at (11.947,0.308) { 5};
\draw[gp path] (1.012,8.381)--(1.012,0.616)--(11.947,0.616)--(11.947,8.381)--cycle;
\node[gp node right] at (2.300,8.047) {Points};
\gpcolor{color=gp lt color 0}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(1.012,0.616)}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(3.199,0.927)}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(5.386,1.858)}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(7.573,3.411)}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(9.760,5.586)}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(11.947,8.381)}
\gppoint{gp mark 1}{(2.942,8.047)}
\gpcolor{color=gp lt color border}
\draw[gp path] (1.012,8.381)--(1.012,0.616)--(11.947,0.616)--(11.947,8.381)--cycle;
%% coordinates of the plot area
\gpdefrectangularnode{gp plot 1}{\pgfpoint{1.012cm}{0.616cm}}{\pgfpoint{11.947cm}{8.381cm}}
%% gnuplot variables

And what it produces (points should be red): enter image description here

  • can you post a very smple tikz picture file for us? otherwise it's difficult to tell what might be the problem. – percusse Jul 21 '13 at 0:07
  • What do you mean by very simple tikz picture file? One that is different from the one I am having problems with? Because the one I am having problems with is very long (approx. 700 lines) because it's generated from gnuplot. – ddavis Jul 21 '13 at 0:11
  • yes but you can also make a gnuplot file with 5 points too – percusse Jul 21 '13 at 0:12
  • Updated with simpler example – ddavis Jul 21 '13 at 0:21
  • well it looks like you are missing the preamble of this plot. there must be some \definecolor.... commands somewhere – percusse Jul 21 '13 at 0:37

I know this question has already been answered. Although I disagree since I think a answer should be generic and not make it necessary to copy a file from some other operation system a user has most likely no direct access to.

If gnuplot with lua i.e. tikz terminal is installed on a machine:

To generate the style files and wrapper for the various TeX flavors enter

 lua gnuplot-tikz.lua style

on the command line. The files generated should be

  t-gnuplot-lua-tikz.tex        (Context wrapper)
  gnuplot-lua-tikz.tex          (plain TeX wrapper)
  gnuplot-lua-tikz.sty          (LaTeX wrapper)
  gnuplot-lua-tikz-common.tex   (common definitions)

and can be copied to the appropriate places.

  • The appropriate place on OS X to copy the files is ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex – ddavis Oct 24 '14 at 3:23
  • And on Linux: ~/texmf – ddavis Sep 3 '15 at 2:24

Linux solution (with texlive-full installed via Synaptic package manager):

Error comes from the use of an outdated style file: gnuplot-lua-tikz.sty The default one which comes with TeXlive is fine, use of one found online broke the compilation

Mac solution (with MacTeX 2013 installed):

MacTeX appears to not be installed with any form of gnuplot-lua-tikz.sty I copied the files from /usr/share/texlive/.../gnuplot on a Linux machine with texlive installed as stated above, and placed those files in the directory with my main .tex file. This solved the problem on a Mac.

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