I need to add some vertical space between two lines in a p-column of a tabular. Outside of a table I'd use \\[1ex], but inside of a table I have to use \newline which doesn't have an optional argument for extra vertical space. So how can I get the vertical space?

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Get yourself a copy of the macro that does the real work when \\ is found in normal circumstances:


\expandafter\let\expandafter\pnewline\csname\string\ \endcsname

some text with\pnewline[1cm]
a forced line break

enter image description here

Explanation. The usual definition of \\ is


so the macro doing the real work is named \\⍽ (with a trailing space in the name). We can access that macro with \csname\string\ \endcsname.

I don't think it's necessary to make \pnewline robust, as long as you use it only in tabular cells.


This works (but is obviously not for general use):


\@newline is the internal macro that does the \\[foo] stuff.


Use \par \vpsace{1ex}


    \lipsum[1] \par \vspace{5ex} \lipsum[1] \\
  • \par does a bit too much: The next line may be indented (by \parindent) and TeX executes \everypar. Jul 23, 2013 at 10:31

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