The following code gives me as reference the section and not the signpost. It is probably a beginner's mistake.



                \tikz[baseline=(current bounding box.east),outer sep=0pt]
                {\strut Summary~\thesignpost};}}
                \tikz[baseline=(current bounding box.east),outer sep=0pt]
                {\strut Summary~\thesignpost:~#1};}}%
            skipabove=6pt, skipbelow=6pt, nobreak=true,



\section{Hello Stackexchange}

This is some text.

\begin{signpost}[This is a summary]
This is a summary of the above text.

In \cref{signpost:MWE} you see \ldots


What do I need to change in order to get the "In signpost 1 you see..."


You just have to change \stepcounter{signpost} to \refstepcounter{signpost}. The latter makes your signpost counter the one used by the reference mechanism.

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