I'd would like to use the same green colour as in the example mode. Does it coincide with \definecolor{darkgreen}{rgb}{0,0.5,0}?

Is it possible to use it without defining a new color? (Maybe using something like \structure or \alert).

I'm simply starting with

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    Your question is quite unclear: which example mode in Beamer? which green color? Would you have a link?
    – pluton
    Jul 27, 2013 at 20:42

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You can use the following to set your color:

\setbeamercolor{block title}

\setbeamercolor{block title alerted}{use=alerted
text,fg=alerted text.fg,bg=alerted  text.fg!20!bg} 

\setbeamercolor{block title example}
{use=example text,fg=example text.fg,bg=example 
\setbeamercolor{block body}{parent=normal text,
use=block title,bg=block title.bg!50!bg}  

\setbeamercolor{block body alerted}
{parent=normal text,use=block title alerted,bg=block 
title alerted.bg!50!bg}

\setbeamercolor{block body example}
{parent=normal text,use=block title example,
bg=block title example.bg!50!bg}

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