I’m adding explanations for definitions in the margin paragraph. I have a macro which looks as follows (simplified):

  \marginpar{{\sffamily\footnotesize\textbf{#1}: #2}}}

This works fine, but unfortunately it uses the baseline skip from the main text, which is of course much too large for the footnote-sized font.

So I tried changing the inter-line spacing, but to no avail. These are the two alternatives that I have tried:

  1. Using \fontsize instead of \footnotesize:

    \marginpar{{\sffamily\fontsize{8}{8}\selectfont\textbf{#1}: #2}}
  2. Setting \baselineskip:

      \textbf{#1}: #2}}

Neither variant works (and I’ve tried other values: the inter-line spacing won’t budge). So here’s my question:

How do I re-assign the baseline skip for margin paragraphs?


Add \par after #2. (No, I don't know why this works.)

EDIT: Or simply omit the additional set of braces in the macro definition.


  \marginpar{{\sffamily\footnotesize\textbf{#1}: #2}}}

  \marginpar{{\sffamily\footnotesize\textbf{#1}: #2\par}}}

  \marginpar{\sffamily\footnotesize\textbf{#1}: #2}}



Some text.\defineA{foo}{\blindtext} \blindtext


Some text.\defineB{foo}{\blindtext} \blindtext


Some text.\defineC{foo}{\blindtext} \blindtext

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    Ah. I think I know what the problem is … the inter-line spacing can only be set for the whole paragraph. If I force a re-set before the end of the paragraph (implied by the \endgroup) then my changing the value doesn’t have any effect. Mar 4 '11 at 9:51

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