I need the LaTeX equation with double square bracket and double paranthesis. Can anyone suggest me the proper code? Here, I had attached the screenshots. enter image description here


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In favour of Consistent typography, I always suggest creating a command that generates a certain output:

enter image description here

\newcommand{\llrrbracket}[1]{% \llrrbracket{..}
\newcommand{\llrrparen}[1]{% \llrrparen{..}
  \llrrbracket{\frac{1}{x}} \quad \mbox{in the case }
  P_\infty = F_p\llrrparen{\frac{1}{x}}

You can, of course, play around with the choice of \mkern, which brings the two elements together.

  • This is a nice way to do it! Commented Aug 1, 2013 at 0:23

You can try the following:

    \bigg\llbracket \frac{1}{x}\bigg\rrbracket  \text{ in the case } P_\infty = \mathbb{F}_p \left(\left(\frac{1}{x} \right)\right)

enter image description here


I have updated the code to contain the suggestion given in the comment. The above code uses the stmaryrd package.

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