I am working at a governmental office and we are required to only produce accessible PDF files. In practice that means that generated PDFs have to pass Adobe's accessibility checker or the "PDF Accessibility Checker".

Since I have to write lots of technical documentation, I would really like to use Tex.

Is there any kind of workflow/tutorial on how to create accessible PDFs? The only thing I could find were this presentation (in German: http://www.dante.de/events/Archiv/dante2012/Programm/Vortraege/vortrag-partosch.pdf ) which references a thesis by Babette Schalitz, but these links are offline. Also, the presentation does not include any kind of tutorial on actually create a PDF.

Is this a lost cause?


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Ross Moore discussed this some time ago - see his paper. I would suggest asking him about the new developments in this area.

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