Following this advice on tex.sx, I'm using csquotes.

And I'd like to have hanging punctuations, for instance that left-quotation marks are displayed in the margins. I focus on this point in this question.

I did not manage to hangs punctuation in the \enquote command. I tried with

  • the hanging package -- which is by the way not compatible with the memoir class, but this is not the subject
  • the microtype package, that does not seem to hang the quote in my setting.


\documentclass{article}         % With the minimal class, nothnig is hanged ?
\usepackage{hanging}            % Package to hang the punctuation
\usepackage{csquotes}           % To manage proper quotations
\begin{document}                % Quotes in the margin ?
{\hangpunct % The hanging command

``text''                        % Yes

 \enquote{text}                 % No

text            % For reference

``text''                        % No

\enquote{text}                  % No

text            % For reference


Configuration :

pdfTeX, 3.1415926-2.4-1.40.13 
hanging v1.2b
csquotes v5.1d 
microtype v2.5a

Related questions :

I saw on two blogs ( http://blog.tasuki.org/hanging-punctuation/ and http://visuel.ouvaton.org/Vmicrot.htm) that there was a possible way with \pdfprotrudechars=1, but I simply couldn't make it work.

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Don’t worry, this is normal — the first line of an indented paragraph are not outdented.

Minimum working example:

\usepackage{geometry}        % For convinience, show the margins
\geometry{a5paper,showframe} % Use a5 size paper and display a border around the
                             % edge for debugging purposes
\usepackage{csquotes}        % Defines \enquote
\usepackage{microtype}       % For hanging indents (no config needed)

\textit{A regular indented paragraph has no hanging punctuation applied until
the second line}:

``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text''
``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text'' ``text''
``text'' ``text''


\textit{The same applies to paragraphs consisting of \texttt{\char`\\ enquote}

\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}
\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}
\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}
\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}


\textit{However, paragraphs with no indent use hanging punctuation on the first

\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}
\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}
\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}
\enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text} \enquote{text}

A sample of quotations hanged

If you want the punctuation to be entirely in the margin, raise the value of the "factor" value in microtype, by letting :


Second sample, the quotes are clearly in the margin

More on what the value of factor corresponds to (from the Microtype Package Documentation, p. 7, sec. 3.2 — Character protrusion):

Using this option, you can globally increase or decrease the amount by which the characters will be protruded. While a value of 1000 means that the full protrusion as specified in the configuration (see section 5.1) will be used, a value of 500 would result in halving all protrusion factors of the configuration. This might be useful if you are generally satisfied with the settings but prefer the margin kerning to be less or more visible (e.g., if you are so proud of being able to use this feature that you want everybody to see it, or – to mention a motivation more in compliance with typographical correctness – if you are using a large font that calls for more modest protrusion).

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  • The question was not correct : a quote symbol occuring at the beginning of an indented paragraph should not be displayed in the margin (of course !). The enquote environment can handel hanging punctuation, and the hanging package is in this setting useless. So to me, yes, this is an answer. Sorry if it is not clear.
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