I would like to achieve hover-over tooltips for bibtex entires as mentioned in this previous question, but all solutions (e.g. involving cooltooltips, fancytooltips) do not seem to be compatible with my pdf viewer: Mac OS X Preview.app version 5.5.3.

Is there a solution out there for Preview?

It seems feasible given that the examples listed on a stackoverflow response seem to work correctly (for general PDFs, not necessarily created via latex):

http://examples.itextpdf.com/results/part2/chapter07/movie_posters_2.pdf http://examples.itextpdf.com/results/part2/chapter07/timetable_help.pdf

  • Hi, your examples are simply PDF annotations which can be included by cooltooltips or pdfcomment packages. For fancytooltips you need Adobe Reader. – robert.marik.cz Aug 5 '13 at 13:35

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