I am new to LaTeX and writing my thesis work and I have a lot of figures to add up in to my report. Now I want to make folders like Chap1, Chap2, ... inside my images folder containing figures for each chapter. I need help how to make it possible?

  • Do you mean how you can include your images in the document when you have them in subfolders? Aug 4 '13 at 16:01
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Images can be included from anywhere if you specify the path. Something like \includegraphics{./images/Chap1/figure-name} should be fine, assuming that the images folder is a subfolder of the one containing the TeX. Does that answer your question?


If you are anticipating a complex document structure where you want to \input files that are in subdirectories, take a look at the import package. This means you can have a main file that includes a line like this:


or rather, \subimport{path to file}{file name}.

and then in that file you can do this:

    \subfloat[Subcaption 1]{\includegraphics[width = 3in]{figure1a.png}}
        \subfloat[Subcaption 2]{\includegraphics[width = 3in]{figure1b}}
        \caption{Main caption}

This means you no longer have to keep (too much) track of where your files are.

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