I need your help with references. I have 1 main reference section, and I want to include a second list of references as an appendix. For the main reference I use:




The problem is that I don't know how to include the second list using a different bib file, and then calling the function \nocite{*} to show every sources inside the file.

I have the appendix part workout. I need your help to design the function to call the second bibliography, and that does't interfere with the main reference:



\section{Other Sources} \label{app:ReferencesB}

In addition, I will prefer that the word References is not shown after Other Sources.

Thank you so much!!

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You can use the multibib package. Basically, you load the package and use \newcites for the bibliography in the appendix:

\newcites{sec}{Other Sources}

and then, at the point where you want this bibliography, you use


A little complete example illustrating the general idea:

  author = "L\^e D{\~u}ng Trang and Zoghman Mebkhout",
   title = "Vari\'et\'es caract\'er\-istiques et vari\'et\'es polaires",
 journal = "C. R. Acad. Sc. Paris",
  volume = 296,
    year = 1983,
   pages = "129--132"}

  author = "Jo{\"e}l Biran{\c c}on and Philippe Maisonobe and Michel Merle",
   title = "Localisation de syst\`emes diff\'erentiels, stratifications
            de {W}hitney et condition de {T}hom",
 journal = "Invent. Math.",
  volume = 117,
    year = 1994,
   pages = "531--550"}
  author = "Adam Parusi\'nski and Piotr Pragacz",
   title = "A formula for the {E}uler characteristic of singular hypersurfaces",
 journal = "J. Alg. Geom.",
  volume = 4,
    year = 1995,
   pages = "337-351"}

  author = "Jean--Luc Brylinski",
   title = "({C}o)--{H}omologie d'intersection et faisceaux pervers",
 journal = "S\'eminaire Bourbaki",
  volume = 585,
    year = 1982,
   pages = "129--157"}

  author = "Gary Kennedy",
   title = "Specialization of {M}ac{P}herson's {C}hern classes",
 journal = "Math. Scand.",
  volume = 66,
    year = 1990,
   pages = "12--16"}

  author = "Adam Parusi\'nski",
   title = "A generalization of the {M}ilnor number",
 journal = "Math. Ann.",
  volume = 281,
    year = 1988,
   pages = "247--254"}

\newcites{sec}{Other Sources}




The main bibliography:

enter image description here

The bibliography in the appendix:

enter image description here

Assuming your .tex document is called mydoc.tex, you need to process the document in the following way:

pdflatex mydoc
bibtex mydic
bibtex sec
pdflatex mydoc
pdflatex mydoc

Switching to biblatex for your bibliographies could be a choice here or in future documents. Using the features of biblatex, this kind of things are more easily done and your bibliographies will be better.

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  • My final question is how to process the file for the two different bibtex files. I only know how to run it by selecting bibtex and pressing the play bottom. I can't find a way for this specific arrangement that two files have to be run? I am using TeXworks for mac. Thanks for your support! – Ignacio Sala Aug 11 '13 at 18:34
  • @IgnacioSala I do this processing using a terminal; there I run the commands (one at a time, of course) as they appear at the bottom of my answer.. – Gonzalo Medina Aug 11 '13 at 18:38
  • I never run on terminal mode. Can you give me some recommendation on which software I can use? I am currently running TeXworks for mac. Thanks in advances!!! – Ignacio Sala Aug 11 '13 at 19:32
  • @IgnacioSala some of the regulars here use arara (created by user Paulo Cereda). I haven't used it myself, but for what I've heard it seems a good tool and you can use it with TeXworks. Perhaps you could ask some of the fellows here in chat? – Gonzalo Medina Aug 11 '13 at 20:09

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