The answer of the following problem is given in Ulrikes Comment. Thank you very much!

I am trying to use external data for similar documents I have to write. The number of these data varies so I would like to use whildo or forloop, but both tools create too big spaces between the single data sets.

Thank you


Here is a short example:



   Eintrag 1&%
   Eintrag 2&%
   Eintrag 3&%
   Eintrag 4


Normal Space:

\Test(2) \Test(3) \Test(4) \Test(1)


Big Space mit whiledo:
\whiledo {\value{i}  <  5}{%

A little bit better with forloop:


Without value everthing is working fine:

\whiledo {\value{i}  <  5}{%
   \Test(3) %


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Use \Test(\the\value{i}). \value alone works only in some specific locations. See What is the proper method of accessing a counter?

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