Until now (before release 2013/07/31) it was possible to use the option alsoload=hep.


Actually I do not see how it should be possible to load the \gauss unit (from high energy physics) in the new release.


(If you need a quick solution, load the option version-1-compatibility;


However, since the new version of siunitx, the following is more appropriate:)

Just declare the unit by yourself as described on page 39 in the manual.



The loadable special units are not longer available: see the manual for an explanation of why.


To provide all the hep functionality you may type:

% High energy physics
  • You may also declare those in a file siunitx.cfg and load it before \sisetup. With \ProvidesFile{siunitx.cfg} you'll have your own settings always available. – LaRiFaRi Aug 5 '13 at 18:10

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