I am giving a presentation and I have included an animatedgraphic in the following way:


As you can see, this is played automatically. But I want to have it in the following way:

I use a presentation tool, where I can click on "next slide" and "previous slide". So this tool is just imitating the left cursor and right cursor you would normally use to click to the next / previous slide. How can I tell LaTex to play the animation, when I click on "next slide". Is this possible using a presenter?


Ignore the presenter, a solution for the right cursor is ok!

  • I am still searching for an answer to this question, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks! – Jen Bohold Aug 7 '13 at 10:37
  • Unfortunately this looks like more of a Javascript problem than TeX. So maybe only the author himself can answer. – percusse Aug 8 '13 at 8:27



into the frame body.

Complete example using multipage PDF from pkg mwe as animation frames:




\dots started on ``next slide'':\\[2ex]



An easy way to avoid code duplication is described in this workaround:

  • variable \myframe defines the number of frames composing the animation
  • overlay command \only overwrites the value of \myframe depending on which (beamer) frame you are.

    \begin{frame}{autoplay next slide example}
    %% variable myframe decides how many frames the animation is composed of
    %%  variable rl defines the percentual variation in the position of the moving object
            \clip (-.5,-.5) rectangle (10,7); %% visible rectangle              
            \draw[draw=black, fill=black] (1+3*\rl, 2+4*\rl) circle (3pt);          
  • You could add \def\nomouse{nomouse}\def\autoplay{} to <1> and \def\nomouse{}\def\autoplay{autoplay} to <2>, and set animateinline options to [\autoplay,\nomouse]. Option poster is not really necessary as the first frame is shown by default. – AlexG Sep 28 '18 at 9:44
  • Off-topic: You don't need \usepackage{xcolor} with beamer – samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz Sep 28 '18 at 10:52

I was totally struggling to make this work, since i can't implement AlexG's solution to every single animation i want to use - this requires to split each animation into first frame and other frames, or have some other artificial slides before the animation could start.

For my purposes, of no controls

\begin{animateinline}[autoplay, loop, method=widget]

made the trick


For me I did this


and it works perfectly


I implemented a first brute force solution, which is not a real technical solution to this problem, but somehow it is a solution for this problem:

I just copied the frame and changed the frame before to \includegraphics.

Then I added before the next frame which contains the animation a


So when I now click on next slide the next slide appears and this has an autoplay.

(nothing else changes, the frame number is the same, so the audience should not notice it)

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