I am using revtex4-1 and BibTeX to create a bibliography. Most entries in my bib file shows up fine, but I am having troubles with two journals, Cosmology and astroparticle physics and Living Reviews in relativity that uses the BibTeX entry "number".

For instance in my bib file if I write in a reference of type article:


This entry is ignored in the bibliography so the information about the number does not get included. For "Living Reviews in Relativity" I can cheat and write an entry:

pages ={4}

instead and make the final bibliography look fine since I do not have to use the pages field for anything else. When I use the bibliographystyle "plainnat", "number" entry shows but not when I use the default revtex bibliographystyle. Is there some way of getting the "number" entry to show when using the default revtex bibliography style or should I not bother with this and send the article in to the journal and let the editors fix it or complain?

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  • You shouldn't bother. Use the hyperref package and be sure to include the DOI for each article. Then it can be disambiguated easily and the editor can format the bibliography to his liking. – Henri Menke Aug 8 '17 at 23:10

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