I have an appendix section in my document, and I have to put a table after that. The problem is that I intend to use table*, but if I use that it would ignore table*[h] and will place the table on top of next page leaving a whole blank page after section appendix. And if I use table together with [h] it does place the table right after the appendix section name, but the problem is the caption now is one column as the document is basically two column.

So, now I have two solutions, first, bring the table* in such a a way that it starts right after appendix section. But I know that [h] does not work with table*.

Second solution might be to use table[h] and make the caption span two columns so that it does not look bad.

How can I achieve any two of these, or any other solutions?

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sounds like you want


so the heading and table are in a one-column block before the two column text starts

  • do you mean something like this? \twocolumn[ \section{apeendix} \begin{tabular}{ccc} \end{tabular} ]
    – P basak
    Aug 7, 2013 at 23:33

I solved this issue with David's idea, but in the opposite way. Before declaring the table I temporarily made the document as a single column document.

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